A Truly Comprehensive Software Solution for Dog Breeders.

EB is so much more than a data organizer (though it does that beautifully). It’s a robust platform that will run your program and puppy curriculum efficiently and effectively, giving you more time to spend doing what you love.

Empowered Breeder will work for you whether you’re just learning how to start a dog breeding business or you’re a seasoned dog breeder, regardless of breed.

If you’re looking for the best in dog breeder software, you’ve arrived. My step-by-step approach will revolutionize your breeding program. Empowered Breeder software is a powerhouse platform you can access via phone, tablet, or computer that will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.

EB offers customizable reports, never before offered, with detailed parent, litter, and puppy data. Your clients (and your veterinarian) will be in awe of the extensive information provided to them.

You can change the breeding industry by changing the way people buy and giving your puppies a voice. You’ll be able to spend more time and resources on your dogs and yourself, and less time running your business.

Empowered dog breeder software graphic including tablet, laptop, desktop, and smart phone to illustrate available platforms

I know you’ll love it, so I’m giving you a 30-day free trial to see what Empowered Breeder can do for you. See what true control over your business feels like and transform your program – try Empowered Breeder today.

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Software Features

The tools you need to run your business and save time and moneya game changer.

  • Complete records of all breeding stock (health testing, vaccine history, pedigree, temperament, heat cycles, titles, medical log, etc.)
  • Pregnancy, puppy, and dam care procedures and reminders
  • Daily task manager to keep everything organized
  • Reminders and notifications for vaccinations, matings, ultrasounds, puppy aptitude testing dates, appointments, treatments, etc.
  • Fully-customizable litter management tools to walk you through performing the puppy curriculum, protocols, and care
  • Standard deworming management tools that calculate dosages and dosing times for each puppy and are fully customizable
  • When and what to do for exposure activities
  • Client records management
  • Templated e-mails
  • Step-by-step puppy evaluations with printed and electronic reporting options
  • Ability to track health in lines and compile data and statistics
  • Many more customizable features and options
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Flexible Subscription & Purchase Options

Puppy Paws - Site Icon - Empowered Breede dog breeder software for dog breeders

Bonus – The Facebook Group

When you purchase our dog breeder software, if you’d like to join a community of colleagues, you’ll be invited to join our optional private Facebook group with over 2,000 breeders learning from and supporting one another.

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