We believe we’ve built the best dog breeder software in the business and we’re committed to making sure it works for you. Here are some of our more frequently asked questions, and feel free to contact us if we can answer any of your questions or concerns.

Who is Empowered Breeder software for? 

The Empowered Breeder dog breeder software was created for everyone in the business of raising empowered puppies. This software works for all breeders, no matter the size of their program. 

Will there be training on how to use the software?

Yes! The Empowered Breeder Software includes live training, a library of pre-recorded video instruction, and digital documents to help you navigate and get the most out of the software — without any of the overwhelm or confusion. 

What if I’ve never daily performed the task the software is prompting me to do?

Not a problem! The Empowered Breeder Software includes a help section that contains video and written instructions for each task you need to perform, so you’re never left guessing what you need to do next. Everything is laid out for you in easy-to-follow steps. 

Will I be able to print any data? 

Yes. With the Empowered Breeder software, you can print detailed reports that include vital information about your puppies such as pedigree, microchip data, puppy aptitude test results, medical and dietary notes and so much more! 

Will I be able to send any data to my clients and vets?

Yes, you can send important data and details about your puppies such as medical and dietary facts, birth and current weight, vet clearance details, any important notes you’ve taken, to your clients and vet right inside the app. 

Is there a cap on how much data I can save within the software?

Nope, no cap! You can input and save as much data as you need within the program.  

What happens if I decide Empowered Breeder Software isn’t for me?

If you’ve continued to work inside the Empowered Breeder dog breeder software after your 30-day free trial ended and you’ve: 

>> Utilized the task reminders that make running your program a breeze. 

>> Logged statistics and data on your puppies so you can track any trends and preserve your breed. 

>> Printed reports that for your veterinarian team and clients that contain the most accurate and up to date information on your puppies 

>> Used the training library inside the software that walks you through the navigation of the platform and all of the important tasks you need to perform…

… and you still find that the Empowered Breeder software isn’t revolutionizing your program, then you can simply cancel, no questions asked. 

How much is Empowered Breeder software?

There are several options tailored to all breeders.

>> The first 30 days are free.

>> Monthly Price: $29.99

>> Annual Price: $299.00

I’m not good with tech, will I still be able to use this program?

This program was designed for breeders by a breeder. We’ve made this software user-friendly, simple, and easy to navigate, and included a video library inside the program that will guide you through every function of the app. It does require an initial time investment to learn your way around, but it’s totally worth it and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Does the program include accounting software?

Accounting software will be rolling out in the future. (Did we mention every update will be free to users?)

I run a fairly large program, can multiple users log into the software?

Yes! We’ve designed this platform for all kinds of breeding programs (even the busiest!). Each user will need to use the same log-in and password and users are able to work inside the system at the same time.

How can I contact tech support?

Simply fill out a support ticket and we’ll get back to you asap!

Can I visit you and/or learn more about your breeding business?

For the safety of our staff and puppies, we’re not open to the public but we do hold events regularly and we’d love to tell you about them – subscribe to our mailing list so you’re always in the know. You can visit our Badass Breeders page if you’d like to get more involved with the breeding side of our business and purchase Jeanette’s popular book if you’re interested in learning more about her program and the Badass Breeder way of managing a breeding business and caring for dogs. Check out our YouTube page for even more valuable content and to see how we put the BaB program into action at 4E Kennels and Healing Hearts.

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